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My clippers are really noisy, how can I fix that?
Sometimes your clippers need a tune-up after frequent use.
When this happens, make sure you adjust your power screw and realign your blades for the best performance with every customer.
What's the best shaver to get a close shave without causing razor bumping?
The new Andis Company shaver head, #77120, for our SuperLiner™ Trimmer, #04890 are especially

Andis gives you two options:
#1 Give your client a close shave with our new Superliner Shaver Head, #77120. By removing the T-blade and connecting the Shaver Head attachment, you are all set bump-free shaving and hair removal. The precision cutting heads glide over all types of skin without snagging, pulling or irritation for a smooth, razor-like finish. The Shaver Head Attachment removes hair and the heads adjust to accommodate curves and bone structure for a close shave. This shaver head was designed to significantly lessen razor bump discomfort by providing a smooth dry shave experience with the Andis close cutting SuperLiner trimmer. See our video.
#2 The new ProFoil Lithium Ion shaver #17150 has staggered shaver heads and titanium foils for ultra-close shaves. It also delivers up to two hours of non-stop shaving and can be used with the cord if the battery drains. It takes bump-free shaving to a whole new level!

Which type of motor should I choose for my clipper?
Your grooming needs require the right motor. Each clipper and trimmer utilizes expertly developed motor technology designed to complement the application, ensuring maximum performance.
Magnetic Motors
These motors have reliable power and high blade speed. Magnetic motors work best for cutting lighter texture, dry hair. Magnetic motors run at high speed resulting insmooth cuts. Light textures of hair will feed and cut well with magnetic motor clippers. Less moving parts make these simple, reliable and the longest lasting of all the motors. Examples are the Master and the Envy.
Pivot Motors
These motors have high power & lower blade speed.Pivot motors have a lower blade speed than magnetic motors but are twice as powerful. Higher cutting power makes them ideal for cutting thick, coarse hair. They are whisper quiet, cool running and long lasting. Examples include the Speedmaster II and the Pivot Motor Combo.
Rotary Motors
These motors have high power and high blade speed. Rotary motors cut all types of hair, wet or dry. This is a good tool for high-volume, heavy-duty cutting. Rotary motors have an equal amount of power and blade speed. They are also the only motor available with multiple speeds. Their balance between power, speed, size and weight makes them extremely versatile and perfect for heavy-duty cutting. Examples include the BGRc and the Supra 120 Ion.
How do I keep my clippers and trimmers lasting as long as possible?
Here are 7 basic steps to keep your equipment in great shape!
1.) Oil the blades after each customer. Apply 5 drops of oil: 3 on the teeth and at the inside rear corner on each side of the moving blade. Slightly tilt the clipper or trimmer to the side running the oil off onto a towel.
2.) Use a clipper cleaning brush regularly
3.) Properly disinfect to kill germs and viruses by using Cool Care Plus. Review the contact time necessary for proper disinfection
4.) If you notice a decrease in performace after cleaning and oiling your blade, replace the blade to maintain peak cutting performace.
5.) Keep your cord well cared for -never wrap it around the clipper
6.) Use a clipper comb to aid your cutting technique.
7.) Review the Use and Care instructions provided with your tool, as each one requires unique attention.
How do I become an Andis Educator? What are the qualifications of an Andis Educator?

Thanks for your interest in becoming an Andis educator. To become an educator, please contact andis, international education manager at [email protected].
Below are the qualifications for an Andis platform artist:

  • Licensed barber and/or cosmetologist
  • Licensed instructor in your state is a plus but not required 
  • Ongoing networking and has strong relationships with main players in the beauty and barber industry.
  • Versatile portfolio from men to women haircuts used with Andis clippers.
  • Passionate about the brand. Someone who knows Andis product and can get others excited about the brand.
  • Passion for the industry. Live and breathe it.
  • Experience with being on stage and presenting in the classroom. At least 1-2 years.
  • Sales ability. With education and passion, can sell any Andis product put in front of them.
  • Stage presence. A person can engage and maintain the audience's attention whether on stage or classroom. Appeals to both stylists and barbers.
  • Open to learn. A person who is seeking out more education and is open to learn more from the beauty and barber industry.
  • Independent and Adaptable. Our educators are independent contractors which means you will be on the road by yourself most times.
  • Reliable. On time to events. Bring tools needed and is always prepared.
  • Work 6-8 hours a day on their feet.
  • Team player. Performs well with others and shows respect.
  • Aligns with the Andis values and vision.
I am so confused. I don't know what clipper or trimmer to use?

I understand. There are many clippers and trimmers to choose from. They all serve their purpose. In reality, you should have one of each type of motor (magnetic, pivot, rotary) and the rest is preference. We should have one of each type of motor so we can adjust our approach to any hair type, density, and trait that sits in our chair. Have you ever used a magnetic motor through thick hair and it made a loud noise? Chances are you needed a pivot or rotary motor to power through the thickness of your customer's hair. The answer to choosing the right clipper and trimmer for your customer comes from doing a thorough consultation with your customer and of course, clipper/trimmer knowledge.
Ask yourself the following questions for preference:

  • Adjustable vs. detachable?
  • Corded or cordless clipper?
  • High volume clipper cutting shop? Moderate to light volume clipper cutting shop?

If you are at a busy location (high volume clipper cuts), most likely you will choose rotary motor to power through your haircuts because it can keep up with the pace of your shop and all the various hair types especially thick, coarse hair that sits in your chair. Equal amount of power, equal amount of speed.
If you work at a location where you do light to moderate clipper cutting, you may find yourself fine working with a magnetic motor US-1 Clipper. However, as mentioned before you want the other types of motors in your kit, in case you have a few customers who have thick, coarse hair that you need to power through.
If you're a student, the Stylist Combo kit is great choice. In your kit, you will have a high-speed magnetic motor clipper (US-1) that is lightweight, whisper-quiet, and can be used on wet or dry hair. The US-1 will be paired with a high-speed magnetic motor trimmer with deep-tooth blade that will provide clean, crisp edges. The deep-tooth blade makes it easy to do light fading around the edges and dry shaving.
These are a few examples. Please connect with me if you need any more assistance on choosing the right Andis products for you. [email protected]

I am using a detachable blade clipper, what blades do I need?
I recommend blades 1A (item 64205), 2 (item 64078), 3 ½ (item 64089), 3 ¾ (item 64135). Most detachable blade clippers come with a 000 (item 64073) and/or 1 (item 64070). If not, make sure you add this to the list as well. The reason for this recommendation is that you will have the most common blades used: 000, 3/32, 1/8, ¼, 3/8, ½. The ones in between are for you to adjust according to the hair traits that sits in your chair that may require an in between blade. For a specialty blade, add the T-24 (item 64150) to your kit. It makes your clipper a mechanical texturizing blade. Great for softening lines, and blending. All the benefits of a regular texturizing shear.
What is the proper way to fade?
There are so many different techniques to fade. I will share a few but know that our industry has, several ways that achieve the same result. Please use what is best for you or create your own method based on what you see and adjust to the consultation for each customer.
Hi-Lo Method - Whether you are using attachments or blades, start with the highest length and work your way down the lowest length that was discussed in your consultation with your customer. For example, if your customer asked for a 1/8 (#1) attachment with a closed-blade, start with taking vertical sections with the 3/8 (#3) attachment from nape to approx. the round of the head all around the head to remove bulk using a rocking outwards motion. Once complete with 3/8 attachment, change to ¼ attachment, complete the same process except leave 1-2 inches of the previously cut section. Lastly, change to the 1/8 (#1) attachment and complete around the edges only around the head.
Lo-Hi Method - The opposite of the above. Start with the 1/8 (#1) attachment around the edges (approx. 1-2 inches wide), all around the head taking vertical sections using a rocking outwards motion. Then, work your way up to the round of the head with ¼ (#2) attachment then 3/8 (#3) attachment.
Clipper-over-Comb Method - Use a 000 or 1 setting whether adjustable or detachable blade clipper. Start on the side of either head taking vertical sections at the length discussed at consultation with the customer and cut using an Andis clipper comb (pink, white, or black depending on the hair color) around the head to remove bulk.
With any method above, proceed to the top interior and use shear-style cutting with your Andis clipper.
What attachments can I use for my Master clippers?
There are several attachment comb options that will work with Master (model ML) clippers:
(Non-magnetic set)
7 combs, item 01380
(Non-magnetic individual set)
(1/2) item 01381
(1 inch)item 01382
(1/16) item 01594
(1/8) item 01595
(1/4) item 01596
(3/8) item 01597
(Magnetic sets)
For the Large set, 4 combs (magnetic), item 66320 For the Small set, 5 combs (magnetic), item 66345
(Magnetic individual set)
Size 0 (1/16- magnetic), item 66430
Size 1 (1/8-magnetic), item 66435

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