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Whether you are in cosmetology school or have been behind the chair for years, our pros can help keep you on top of your game! Check them out at an event near you!

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Kenny Duncan

Kenny Duncan is a nationally known barber, stylist and educator, as well as co-owner of a 12-chair salon - Main Attraction Unisex Salon - based in Philadelphia. He is the barber for several Grammy Award-winning artists and has toured the world as the barber for the Lady Gaga production team. Kenny's styling work has also appeared in films such as "Fantastic Four" and "Creed" starring Michael B. Jordan. He is currently the Lead Educator for Andis Company.

Whitney VerMeer

Whitney's interest is deeply embedded in creative design and sculpting. Following school, she worked as a generalist for five years until channeling her interest to specialize in modern barbering. She quickly fell in love with the craft and has won several titles including NAHA "Men's Hairstylist of the Year" in 2017 and Behind the Chair Big Shot "Men's Shot of the Year 2017". She currently owns and operates THE AESTHETIC X WHITNEY VERMEER and is also a National Educator for Baxter of California owned by L'Oreal.

Corey Bakon

Corey Bakon began cutting hair in a Brooklyn barber shop in 1990 where he swiftly grew a love for the hair industry. After working in various shops in NYC and Boston , Corey attended school for Barber Styling in 1994 and then went on to open his first hair salon in 1999. Over the course of 19 years he coached and mentored over 700 new barbers and cosmetologists while expanding his skills into all aspects of hair styling. In 2011 he got involved with National Education for Paul Mitchell and Hattori Hanzo Shears and has found a new passion for sharing his knowledge and experience.

Danny Amorim

Danny Amorim is a master barber, platform artist and instructor known for his ever-changing facial hair looks. He is also the owner of two Klippers Barbershops based in New Jersey. Danny continues to familiarize himself with the current trends and products to stay ahead of the fast-paced barber and beauty industry and embraces every opportunity to grow professionally. Danny is currently teaching classes in salons and schools across the U.S.

Dave Diggs

Dave Diggs is the barber, educator, brand ambassador and creator behind The Barbers' Inc. barbershop based in San Jose, CA. He credits his multi-racial background for his innate ability to understand, relate to and execute hair trends and styles for all ethnic groups and hair textures. Diggs launched into the Bay-area barbering industry in 2011 and has quickly gained international recognition, with his work taking him across the globe.

Don Conley

Donald D. Conley II is an internationally recognized barber with nearly two decades of professional experience. His long list of career achievements include shop owner, platform artist (Team Xotics), educator (Federico Beauty Institute), as well as groomer to some of today's most noteworthy "A-listers" (Grammy nominated Leon Bridges). His passion for barbering and barbers has enabled him to connect with people of all backgrounds. “Always the student” is the model that he lives by daily, forever focusing on how to improve processes in his business and personal life.

Jason Potchen

Jason Potchen of Indiana-based McFly's Gentlemen Shops is an expert educator and platform artist whose clientele has included professional athletes and musicians. With over 16 years of experience behind the chair, Jason is known as a diverse professional with an eye for not only modern, trendy styles but also traditional, classic cuts.

John Delgado

John Delgado is a young, energetic barber from Miami, Florida. As the owner of the thriving 13-chair Fine Line Barbershop, he earned his more popular alias "Mr. Fine Line”. With over 14 years’ experience in barbering, John has been cutting for the majority of his life and is known for being versed in practically all aspects of the trade. There's no better proof of this than the trophies he's racked up over the years in barbering competitions from Miami to Los Angeles in categories including traditional styles, freestyle designs and even cutting hair in the dark, literally! He’s excited to dedicate more of his time educating others in the field of men's hair cutting.

Eric Cheek

Eric Cheek is a successful barber & beauty salon owner, barber educator and platform artist based in Charlotte, NC. Possessing multiple competitive barbering victories, years of practical experience and an artistic eye, his approachable and easy-to-understand style of teaching is second to none. He is often invited to tradeshows and events to share his artistry and knowledge where novices and experienced pros alike uncover hidden gems of advice and translate them into profit. Eric's entrepreneurial drive has also led him to produce his own line of instructional classes and DVDs.

John Mosley

John Mosley brings over 10 years of industry experience to the Andis Education team. This experience includes working behind the chair in the barbershop, working as a platform artist for Paul Mitchell and providing personal grooming services to several celebrities in the entertainment and sports industries. John's knowledge, passion and industry relationships help Andis deliver best-in-class educational programs in the Southwest.

Laura Loera

From a small town in Idaho Laura has accomplished a lot in her years of being a barber/stylist from owning her own shop to volunteering at barbering events. Her 10+ years of excellence as a bi-lingual female barber is second to known. Establishing herself as a respected barber Laura has traveled and educated all across the county. The love for the art of barbering and it’s long rich history has made Laura emphasize the importance of education in the barbering world.

Michael Mejia

Well-established in the San Francisco Bay Area, Michael Mejia is a licensed barber and cosmetologist of 20 years, specializing in a new genre of old-school style—what he calls ‘Modernly- Classic’. Traditional to the core, Mejia specializes in bespoke haircuts that are bringing handsome back. His unique craftsmanship has created a secret gentleman’s society of sorts, where men gather for much-needed downtime and QT. There’s a soul and sense of pride in every detail,” he says. Emerge a better man—with your best hair ever. Over the last decade, Mejia’s portfolio and client list has grown to include athletes, Coachella performers, New York Fashion Week models and average gents seeking to ‘up the ante’ on their everyday vibe. He got his start for hair brands Sebastian and label.m, then became one of the original educators for Baxter. He’s still onboard helping to create the ever-evolving curriculum and teach hands-on men’s haircutting techniques.

Renee Chamberlain

Renee Chamberlain has close to three decades of experience in the salon and barbering industry. Inspired by her barber father, she has followed in his footsteps by mastering the use of Andis clippers for use on both men and women - this technique has increased her personal efficiency by 200%! In addition to her barbering and cutting techniques, she excels at finishing women's styles. She has a proven ability to consistently exceed company and personal goals while adapting to trends and changes in the industry. She currently works at the Klip Joynt in Racine, WI where she is responsible for location management, training, accounting and personal production.

Sean Casey

Sean Casey is a seasoned barber with 15 years of experience in both personal and corporate hair styling. He is a dedicated leader with a history of success in unique hair designs, barbershop management and business ownership. Currently, he owns two barbershops called TwinCutz and is active in several high profile competitions such as the New York Barber Battle 3 and Xotics Hair Battle. His film and TV work includes NYC Barber Battle 3: the Movie and NBC News.

Alison The Barber

Originally from New York City, Alison McGlynn graduated from Albuquerque Barber College and after honing her craft working with other barbers, she opened her first AlisonTheBarber men's salon in 2017. After only a short time, AlisonTheBarber won a "Best In The City" competition with Albuquerque The Magazine. Alison is also and educator and platform artist with Gib's Grooming. When she is not traveling around the country sharing her knowledge and passion for the craft she can be found donating her time doing hair for the local community theater groups, working passionately with domestic violence/human trafficking victims and cutting hair for the homeless and less fortunate in various local shelters. She is looking forward to sharing her love of barbering and learning from others in the Andis Education Team.

Annika Akerlund (AUS)

Akerlund is a qualified traditional barber, classically trained in old school barbering techniques. After completing her trade in 2016, she worked closely with Jimmy Rods Barbershops as educator for the company. As the trade continues to grow she currently works in the barbershop, developing her skill set to focus on bringing barbering technique and culture to the forefront of the hair industry.

Anthony Staltari (AUS)

Anthony Staltari a Barber at Barbery the Craft of A Barber Academy in Adelaide. I started experimenting cutting hair at the age of 14 before commencing an apprenticeship with Barber Boys. He has a great passion for the Barber Industry, including competitions, mentoring and educating.  At the age of 17 Anthony won  the 2016 Barber Battle held in Sydney and in 2017 won Australian Barber Konnect Battle. The highlight of his career was travelling to New York and training at Mike's Custom Kuts followed by competing in the 2017 Connecticut Barber Competitions.

Baldy (UK)

Baldy is a barber, instructor and owner of three Baldy's Barbershops located around Buckinghamshire. He began his career at a unisex salon at age 15 and at 21 decided to focus exclusively on cutting men's hair. Now, with over three decades of men's grooming experience, he teaches regular courses at the London School of Barbering and other academies around the UK. In addition, he trains up to four apprentices each year at his barbershops. Baldy proudly describes himself as "a modern barber with a very old school style."

Danny Cox (AUS)

Danny Cox, a 29 year old hair stylist originally from London, England. Danny has nearly a decades experience working in the hair industry. He started cutting hir at Toni & Guy and then traveled with his craft and worked various salon in England and Australia. He is now based in Melbourne where he specializes in men's hairdressing and barbering and works out Area Studio. Multi Award winning men's hair stylist & HBIA Senior Stylist of the year 2017.

Kamil Cesarski (Poland)

Kamil Cesarski started his career in the industry as a 16-year-old. Currently, he owns two unisex salons and one barbershop in northern Poland. Kamil has worked for many years as a hairdressing educator. He shares his knowledge on the platform "Yes Hairdressing Education". He also trains at many hairdressing academies and training seminars throughout Poland and beyond. Kamil's hairdressing style is an uncompromising approach to precise haircutting and being mindful to the complete image of the barbershop client.

Emmanuel Shesher

Emmanuel Shesher Sanwogou (Germany)

Lord of the Blade - King of the Blade

Shesher the barber and owner of Shesher Da Barbershop since 2008. Well known in Wuppertal, Germany as well in all of Europe has distinguished himself not only through his proper and creative way of working, but also through his well acknowledged experience of the industry-related work materials.

His most notable strengths are the ability to distinguish precisely between the three different types of hair clippers: removable blade clipper, adjustable clipper and the trimmer. Shesher uses the differences for the different handling, in order to achieve different effects for the ultimate goal. Based on his expertise and practical skills, which are used during his work and seminars. The optimal results are always achieved.


Pascal Jahn (Germany)

Pascal Jahn has 16 years of international experience in the hair industry. He has worked and lived in the Netherlands and United States. Currently he is based in Germany where he is the owner of the well-known Frankenberger Barber Club. In addition to being part of the International Andis Education Team, he also educates for many other brands world-wide.

Eoin McCarthy (AUS)

Eoin is a relative newcomer to the industry after a career as a professional cyclist. With a hairdressing background, he trained in Ireland under his mother Mairead who has been an extremely successful hairdresser & salon owner at MHD for over 30 years before fully focusing on men's hair where he learned from Paul Mac Special.  Eoin, who was awarded 1st place in the Victorian Barber of the Year competition for 2017 was also awarded Irish Barbering Apprentice of the Year for 2016. He was recently a part of Area Studio's clean sweep at the HBIA Australian Hairdressing Championships where he finished 2nd in both the Men's Athletic & Trend categories behind his 2 team members Jordon & Danny.

Jordan Tabakman (AUS)

Jordan Tabakman is a young, energetic barber from Melbourne, Australia. Working out of highly regarded and well known Kings Domain barbershop in South Yarra.  Jordan is a second generation barber learning a lot of his tricks of the trade from his father who runs award winning successful barber shops in Melbourne. With this experience in barbering Jordan has gone out on his own to follow a passion for educating and presenting as a platform artist.  Along with awards such as American Crew Top 25 finalist in Australia, he is excited to dedicate more of his time to education and helping others excel in their current skill of men' barbering and hair dressing.

Kevin Vorley (UK)

A professional with over 20 years' experience, Kevin Vorley is a long-time Andis educator and founder of K Barbers Emporium in Essex. He is an active national ambassador for the Men's Hairdressing Federation and the first Essex barber to receive a master craftsman in barbering award. Kevin is known for his passion, positive training methods and ability teach people at all skill levels.

Kieron Price (UK)

Kieron Price began his career as a certified hairdresser prior to making the switch to full-time barbering. For the past 13 years, he's honed his barbering skills and is currently a qualified barbering assessor and barbershop manager, where he manages the business' social media across various platforms. When not busy behind the chair, he teaches seminars at the London School of Barbering and hair industry events. Kieron is a past winner of a British Master Barbers Award and is a founding member of the New World Barbers.
Leah Hayden

Leah Hayden Cassidy (DEU)

International platform artist Leah Hayden Cassidy, known through her social media platforms as Hayden Cassidy, is based in Europe. She is Irish born but currently in Berlin, Germany. Hayden specializes in men's hair, merging techniques from every aspect of barbering and inspired by her travels through different countries and cultures. She has taken to the stage around Europe, alongside some of the top barbers of our generation, always furthering her knowledge and picking up new techniques. Leah began her career in Ireland amidst the boom of the industry, taking influence from barbers from the US barbering and hairdressing scenes. She has established a signature clean look which is appreciated around the world. Leah has worked alongside fashion magazines, photographers and artists, to create looks which fuse fashion with today's barber industry, pushing her talent and artistic vision to each industry. Hayden is passionate about sharing her knowledge through tutorials and by creating an education platform for barbers to follow she has built a strong reputation as an educator for a global audience.

Leo (CHN)

Leo is most recently known for his work as a Styling Coach for Miss Universe China.  He has studied hair-styling around the world and worked many Fashion Weeks including in New York and Beijing.  He has won many world class hair-styling competitions and is excited to bring his talents to the Ands Education Team.

Lynndy Rolfe (UK)

Lynndy Rolfe is an award-winning hairdresser, session stylist and British Master Barber from Northampton. She began her career in hairdressing fresh out of school when she was 16, working for a local salon group, but it wasn't until a managerial position came up at the salon group's barbershop, that she found her flair for men's hairdressing and barbering. Stumbling into the barbering world by chance, Lynndy has become a rising star in the industry, achieving British Master Barber status and becoming Men's Stylist of the Year at the FHA UK Freelance Awards 2016, whilst developing a passion for education and teaching the next generation of barbers. Known in the industry for her positivity, hard working nature and determination, Lynndy proudly describes her cutting style as "fearless".


MK is one of the UK's leading male stylists known for his unique approach to cutting-edge barbering. A 20-year industry veteran and salon owner in North London, he continues to capture prestigious awards and the admiration of his peers. A long-time Andis educator and creator of multiple haircutting tutorial videos, MK works with HABIA, the government awarding body for the national standards of hair and beauty and was instrumental in aiding in the writing of the NVQ level 2 & 3, introduced to colleges in 2010 and implemented nationwide in 2011. In addition, MK is also an advocate for City and Guilds an educational body for barbering in the UK. His fashion, film and TV work includes: styling for designer Oswald Boateng, set work for George Lucas and Anthony Hemmingway and appearances on Channel Five's Trust Me I'm a Beauty Therapist and the BBC's Learning Zone and longest-running youth program Blue Peter.

Paco Lopez (ESP)

Paco López has spent more than 25 years in the male hairdressing world, working with both commitment and passion. After working for other barbers, he decided to open his own business sixteen years ago; “The Barber Shop by Paco López”.  At his shop Paco is proud to have resurrected “lost” services like the classic hot shaving by a razor, cosmetics and color services.  His shop adapts to the different needs and demands of the labor market and is consistently improving on the loyalty of his customers.
Paco is proud to have helped elevate the barbershop industry in Spain and now has started sharing his knowledge and expertise globally through training at The Barber Shop by Paco López, with Andis Company, and as a freelance for various brands.   

Scott Ramos (CAN)

Scott "Famos' Ramos is a master barber, entrepreneur and artist that has been making waves in the barbering world since 2009.  He is a true innovator and industry leader, more often creating the trends rather than following them. Scott's creative versatility is evident in his work that regularly ranges from flawless fades to intricate portraits. His creativity expands beyond the chair into all facets of his life and endeavors. He's used it to create the SAINT brand and barbershop that is flourishing as a premiere destination in his hometown of Winnipeg, Manitoba. He's also a commissioned painter having his work shown in successful gallery shows. Scott is a veteran instructor having participated in and headlined tours across the US, South America and the UK, a skill he looks forward to sharing with the Andis community. He is beyond excited to add being the first Canadian to officially join Team Andis to his growing list of achievements.

Shella Thornton (AUS)

Shella Thornton has won multiple awards as a Female Australian Barber with 24 years in the Barbering Industry.  She has worked in many Elite Barbers Shops throughout Brisbane and Sydney.  Currently, Shella is the owner and director of a chain of Barber Shops in Brisbane and an ambassador for iCandy Scissors Australia as well as a Trainer and Educator.

Sid Sottung (UK)

Sid fell in love with barbering at the age of 14 while working as a shop assistant in a traditional Italian barbershop in New York. Eager to make his mark on the industry, Sid began a 14-year career with Vidal Sassoon where he rose to Assistant Creative Director. As a member of the creative team he collaborated on editorial work and maintained a celebrity client base. Sid also worked backstage at revered international fashion shows including crafting hair for Joseph Abboud's Men's Collection at New York Fashion Week. After parting ways with Sassoon, Sid pursued an exciting freelance career guesting & teaching in exclusive salons & barbershops. And after having trained educators & written curriculums for other academies, Sid opened his very own academy - The Sid Sottung Academy - in Nottingham, UK.